God is a Mask that Your Mind Wears





We arrive, again, not knowing who we are. At first, we’re barely aware that we are. And we are immediately dependent upon another. An other. Others. From this condition, it is only natural that at some point along the way we begin to trick ourselves into thinking there’s an even greater other beyond the ones we see, hear, and feel.

This greater other, this ultimate other, is difficult to define, but define it we must.

For some, vagueness is sufficient. I am. Ein Sof. Tao. Alpha and Omega.

For others, anthropomorphism is necessary. Sometimes for the collective intelligence of the universe. Other times as archetypes for specific forces of nature.

Regardless, these are tools that we use to focus will and manipulate our “reality.”

The more and the longer we depend on an other, the more and the bigger masks we will have. Sometimes, often through crisis, our masks will crack, and we see ourselves.

When you learn the limitations of medicine, one can despair, or one can begin learning how to maintain one’s own health, and also accept that, ultimately, your clock has to run out.

When you understand that 911 isn’t immediate, you might begin planning to handle emergencies on your own.

And when prayers aren’t answered, one may begin to realize they’ve been praying to themselves all along, and begin the work to manifest their own will.

Carve and paint your own god-mask, as fierce, as placid, or as beautiful as you desire. It always worked when you didn’t know it was you, put it to use now.

Author: Uncrowned & Unchained

My life is my own. Your life is your own. Force not your will upon any, nor allow any to force their will upon you.

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